Warehousing Services in Dallas, TX

Three convenient Metroplex locations to serve your needs in Dallas, Greenville, and Cooper, Texas.

Our qualified staff prides itself by meeting or exceeding goals on a daily basis. Quality driven…We are team players.

At Delta Logistics , we love niche markets and the chance to think “out of  the  box”. Delta is all about “Outrageous” Customer Service.


8600 S. Central Expressway

  • 305,000 Square Feet
  • Buildings: Seven
  • Truck Dock Capacity: 50
  • Trailer Spots: 50
  • Outside Storage: Yes
  • Tax Exemption: Freeport
  • Warehouseman’s Liability
  • Centrally located within seven minutes of the UP Intermodal Facility with quick access to IH-45, IH-30, & IH-20.


1426 Lee Street

  • 180,000 Square Feet
  • Buildings: Six
  • Truck Dock Capacity: 12
  • Trailer Spots: 65
  • Outside Storage: Yes
  • Tax Exemption: N/A
  • Warehouseman’s Liabililty
  •  On Spur 302 with easy access to IH-30.


701 W. Dallas Street

  • 85,000 Square Feet
  • Buildings: Nine
  • Truck Dock Capacity: 5
  • Trailer Spots: 15
  • Outside Storage: Yes
  • Tax Exemption: N/A
  • Warehouseman’s Liability
  • Just twenty minutes from IH-30



Texas Warehouse Association

Greenville Chamber of Commerce